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    "Yeah, right. Keep talking, Maverick," she teased, using the Top Gun reference to remind her brother that no Russian MiGs had been brought down by hotshot US fighter pilots since Vietnam.

    What little Ella knew about the military came from her conversations with Steve over the years, and he didn't talk about work much on those occasions when they got together. So while she was sparse on details, she kind of had a big-picture view of what each service did, but even there she knew she'd be unable to answer simple, Jeopardy-like questions free big ass porn

    But she did know the movie Top Gun, and she also knew it had so many mistakes and caricatures of the military in it, that Steve hated it. But Tom Cruise had been so 'yummy' back then that Ella had watched it several times over the years and would gladly watch it again.

    Saturday morning Ella was up early as usual and had gone to a yoga class at 6:30am and still got home in time to make breakfast. As she got things ready she smiled when she wondered if the only male in the class had been flirting with her. He had a man bun, and while that ruled him out immediately in her book, he was nonetheless very cute, albeit a little too young.

    Still, it was nice to think that a nice looking, single man of any age might want to flirt with her, and it gave her hope that she might one day meet someone who was age...and hair...appropriate. She wasn't a 'hair snob' by any means. Hair, receding hair or no hair at all were all okay with her as long as there wasn't a combover going on. And while it wasn't a dealbreaker, it would be nice if he still had a reasonably flat stomach.

    Other than that, it would be more about personality, a thought that made her smile again as she thought about the old saying, "He has a great personality," which was essentially code for being unattractive.

    By lunchtime she knew what she wanted to make and told Steve she was going to the store to buy the things she needed. Chloe wanted to stay with her dad, but Derek wanted to with his surrogate mom even though buying groceries was about as boring as it got. Ella knew he'd have his phone with him and be playing some game, and that was just fine with her. Derek didn't really talk much, he just needed to be around her, and that was also okay, too, because she didn't particularly like being alone herself.

    Feeling ambitious, Ella decided to make lasagna and a blueberry cobbler she hadn't had in years but dearly loved. It was her mother's recipe and had a crust that was to-die-for delicious. Derek dutifully followed her around the store, paying no attention and asking for only one thing. A diet Coke at the checkout counter.

    "Yeah, I suppose I can swing that," she told him when he asked.

    She was being playful, but Derek barely reacted which again broke her heart. But after she let him take one from the soft drink case at the register, he shocked her when he gave her a hug after thanking him for it.

    It surprised her so much she felt herself tearing up and told her nephew he was welcome.

    "My mom used to let me get one whenever we went shopping," he told her, something she didn't know. But now it made sense to her and she felt much better as the cashier rang them up.

    By 6pm, the lasagna was in the oven and around 6:30 Steve asked what smelled so good. Ella told him about the entree and dessert and got a thumb's up for her choices hot cams

    "I left the meat out of a quarter of it just in case," she informed her brother who gave her another 'you gotta be kidding' look.

    She was putting garlic bread in the oven when the doorbell rang, and she laughed when she heard Chloe hollering, "I'll get it!"

    Her father followed her to the door, and as soon as Chloe opened it, Ella heard her brother say, "Chase! How the hell are you?"

    She also heard their guests's reply of, "Good, sir. Really good. How are you?"

    With the cobbler done, the lasagna cooling, and the bread in the oven, Ella took a quick peek to see who this mystery man was, and when she saw him, it surprised her so much that the surprise itself surprised her.

    Chase was a good two inches taller than Steve who was a shade over six feet. And while Steve was still in very good shape for a 42-year old man, Chase had a body she couldn't help but notice. She didn't know he'd wrestled in high school and then in college after a four-year break in which he'd never been on a mat. But after getting cut his freshman year, Chase made the team as a sophomore, and by the time he graduated, he had a very respectable winning record in the 184-pound weight class taboo sex sites

    Beyond that, he looked nothing like Ella had imagined. She'd pictured a lanky, skinny, nerdy looking guy with glasses, but Chase was the opposite in every way. He had well-defined masculine features, high cheekbones, and a square jaw. His face was very handsome with bright, blue eyes, and in the brief moment she'd looked, she also noticed a very nice smile and a pleasant voice.




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